I create engaging digital experiences

I am a Berlin based designer + developer & web entrepreneur. I create digital products, e.g. software, interfaces, mobile apps, games & websites. User Experience & User Interface Design is my core business.

Frontend Design

I create handcrafted responsive websites from scratch. Semantically correct and with modern tools, but I am not yet a React/Angular developer. Fortunately, I worked side by side with brilliant developers and together we created great web applications.

Icon Design

Over time I found another passion by creating custom icon libraries in my free time. Attention to this detail is very important for me and affects my design language.

Screen Design

I use Sketch / Photoshop to set up visual directions or preview concepts with brand identity as efficient as possible. Providing a good explanation and honest communication is just as natural as the well-done layout itself.


I create ideas, wireframes and sketches. If needed, I do research to be familiar with any new device or situation to understand its limitations and peculiarities.