Fusion — Open Source Icons for Cryptonauts

Fusion is my own icon set, named “fusion” because it combines all my interface icons and cryptocurrency tokens into one simplified package. Fusion is made for Blockchain, Internet of things, decentralized applications, developers and designers. These icons are recognizable even in very low resolutions, and because they are constructed by paths, they can be tweaked to match the weight of various typefaces.

The consistent and visually-pleasing vector artworks are only a part of this project. The SVG markup has been streamlined and pared down. The script compiles all the single files into an optional sprite sheet for even easier implementation. I've also developed a web app that allows the user to browse all the icons online by additional metadata.

Inventing a workflow to export, optimize, compile, publish, and maintain Fusion involved a lot of trial and error. I am proud to have mastered all the skills necessary to realize this useful project.