Blackyak — Global Website

BlackYak, the market leader for winter sportswear in Korea, wanted to conquer the European market. The products are extremely high-quality and technically refined. I joined as the UX / UI Designer for the design and concept of BlackYak’s global website. To reflect the sophisticated character of this company, we sought to develop a distinctive online presence using contemporary and technological aesthetics. I teamed up with an excellent programmer (and close personal friend) to build a React app. This gave us the opportunity to focus on outstanding user experience through page transitions and superior performance.

Prior to working with us, BlackYak created an installation for their products using thousands of ropes to hold the products in place. This inspired us to design a parallel blueprint for the website. We built a canvas background that syncs to HTML content: thin grey lines which morph into the shape of each product, transforming the website into its own art installation. For the branding part of the website, I designed a virtual “mission” to climb Mount Everest while learning about the products and company history.