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BLACKYAK is the market leader in winter sportswear in Korea and wanted to start in the European market. The products are extremely high-quality and technically very refined. The core idea of ​​the website was to find a correspondingly technically high-quality implementation with the most modern methods to represent the character of this company online.

Stock footage and smooth polished models will not be found on the site cause the company wants to stand out from its competitors. BLACKYAK relies on illustrations, a good user experience and performance to convince. During several months, me ( UX / UI ) & Oori ( UX / Code ) developed prototypes and ideas to give this website a real character through the use of technology. Ultimately, a lean, extremely flexible and responsive Webapp based on Reactjs, Nodejs, canvas backgrounds and a small fine CMS became to life.

BLACKYAK website

The look of the site is inspired by the ropes of BLACKYAK's already existing exhibition, which won an ISPO Award 2016 year. Fascinating about this site is the product catalog, in which products from 3d-lines form and morph from product to product and create random small parts of art. This highlight is not only an eye-catcher, but also has a function: bypass the loading time of the images for individual products.

Visual support for the corporate and the illustrations came from Zentralnorden & Zentralsüden - what booked me and Oori for this job.

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