Revoke — Brand & Interface Design

Revoke, an open-source browser extension, empowers users to manage crypto security. Their initial design, heavily reliant on the Ethereum logo, limited their ability to represent their expanded functionality across over 100 blockchains. I collaborated with Revoke to completely revamp their browser extension and design system. The new design is clean, intuitive, and reflects Revoke's multi-chain capabilities.

The original shield-and-Ethereum logo effectively served its purpose within the Ethereum ecosystem. The new minimalist "r" logo signifies Revoke's pragmatism and adaptability across multiple blockchains. Its simplicity allows for easy memorability and future brand expansion.

The new design system prioritizes clean layouts and efficient use of limited browser extension real estate. This enables seamless integration of future features. The redesigned interface goes beyond aesthetics. User-friendly features simplify signature comprehension, NFT transactions, and other functionalities.

The new Revoke design is not just a visual upgrade; it's a crafted experience that prioritizes user needs and future growth. Every detail is meticulously designed to empower users with a sense of control and security in their crypto journey.